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Steve has been a trusted advisor to various entrepreneurs, diverse organizations, brands and companies for over 40 years.

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Steve Cesari

Steve's mission

Steve likes to say that there's no such thing as life balance.
He currently works with a select group of individual and organizations helping them not to achieve life balance, but to fully integrate business success with their personal lives. Having started or owned 15 companies in many different industries, Steve has seen the highs and the lows of the entreprenuerial lifestyle.
He's been named Inc Magazine's Entrepreneur of the Year, but has also had companies go bankrupt. Steve's an open book - businesses, individuals and organizations alike can learn from his wins, losses, and proven methods for success.

The Six F's framework

His book, Clarity, talks, and programs have inspired and influenced thousands of people around the country. He has been equipping entrepreneurs since 1995 to integrate their personal and professional life by focusing on the Six F model: Faith + Family + Friends + Finance + Fitness = Fulfillment. He has been a trusted advisor to entrepreneurs and non-profits for over 40 years; he helps people become their best selves. Steve's had a company ranked by Inc Magazine as one of the fastest growing, privately held companies in the US; a year later he broke a new record - he had one of the fastest shrinking companies! Steve learned through these experiences that the most important things in life are the things money cannot buy. Steve resides in Atlanta, Georgia with Indy, his wife of 41 years. They have 4 grown children and 7 grandchildren.
How do we embrace our faith by loving God and loving others?
How can justice (care for the vulnerable) and righteousness (right relationship and goodness) flow out of your life to make the world a better place?
It is unacceptable to me to be a success in the market place and a failure at home.
We strive to help people be the best and achieve the best at home, at work and in the community and integrate their personal life with their professional life.
The people you surround yourself with are either lifting you up or pulling you down, there is NO neutral ground.
Who are you surrounding yourself with and is that OK?

The most important things in life are the things that money cannot buy, your faith, family and
friends. “If you want to be truly successful in life…Your desire to make a difference has to be greater than your desire to make money.
If it is, then you will accomplish both.” Jon Gordon - What are your
financial goals and how will they help make the world a better place?
“Food is fuel” and Movement is medicine”.
What is your plan to stay physically, emotionally, and spiritually fit?

Are you happy and fulfilled at home, at work and in your community endeavors?
According to statistics 80% of people are not!
Are you willing to go through life unfulfilled? If not what is your
game plan? Do you want to be fulfilled? What is your next action to move you in that direction?